K9 Security Manchester

K9 Security Manchester

We are leaders in the field when it comes to K9 Security Manchester, boasting a team of highly qualified and trained K9 dogs and dog handlers.

Our K9 security service if available 24/7 and 365 days a year making us the security company to contact if you are looking for the best security dog services in Manchester.

K9 Dogs provide a mighty presence in combating anti-social behaviour and crime at all types of events and social gatherings.

What Can Our K9 Security Be Used For?

In fact K9 security is ideal when it comes to protecting commercial and domestic properties, acting as a deterrent against the theft of materials, fuel and plant machinery as well as fighting vandalism, arson, breaches of security into buildings, robbery and attacks on staff members, keeping out unwanted intruders or controlling protestors.

Patrol Dogs

Patrol dogs are ideal for guarding premises and large open spaces to secure perimeters against intruders.  As part of their task, they are also trained to protect their handler.

The most common types of patrol dogs are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois as they are very obedient, naturally protective and completely fearless. Rottweilers and Dobermans also make efficient patrol dogs due to their state of alertness and high level of intelligence.

Detection Dogs

Trained sniffer dogs use their senses to search and detect illegal substances such as narcotics, firearms and explosives which may be hidden in vehicles, open spaces or buildings.

A popular breed used in detection are Springer Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers, both of which  make exceptional detector dogs because of their acute smell senses allowing them to detect narcotics, arms and explosives.

Protection Dogs Manchester

Some people prefer to have a security dog present rather than manned guarding or a personal body guard as that can often be quite invasive.

Protection dogs are trained to protect people against unwanted intruders, burglars or attackers and are a perfect way to protect you and your family.

Protection dogs are highly trained to be obedient and sociable around family members as well as being safe with children.

Various breeds are used when it comes to personal protection although German Shepherds are always a firm favourite of dog handlers as they are naturally protective towards their owners.

Attack Dogs

K9 attack dogs are typically used by the armed forces and police in operations and are responsible for protecting their handlers against assailants.

These types of dogs are trained to attack on command to subdue a target without inflicting injuries.

Attack dogs are trained to operate in tough conditions as they must be tolerant to the sounds of gunshots,  crowed environments and other loud noises and disturbances.

What We Offer

We offer a complete and highly professional service when it comes to K9 security Manchester which includes a group of first class K9 dogs with experienced dog handlers.

We provide patrol dogs and static dog guarding as well as mobile dog patrols and on site dog patrols.

Whether it's security for a specific event, or premises that needs constant protection our experienced and friendly security team will be able to advise the best strategy going forward.

Qualified K9 Security Staff

All our staff are qualified to the latest standards (B.I.P.D.T,NTIPDU, N.A.S.D.U and compliant with BS8517), whilst we boast elite K9 handling teams, always on hand to provide a professional and commendable service.

Please contact us if your interested in our K9 security services Manchester.





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