Mobile Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and throughout the North West

MAK Security offer a comprehensive range of mobile patrols across the North West, which are a cost-effective way to guard a property.
Mobile patrolling

Mobile patrols

Some locations will require constant 24-hour security, whilst others may require random security patrols day or night. At MAK Security, we provide an excellent patrolling service to your property, at random or pre-arranged times, to act as a visible deterrent to any potential intruders. Mobile patrols are site specific; you can take advantage to guard a standalone property or we can also provide a local security presence to cover a number of properties in a particular street. We work closely with the local police ensuring all incidents are dealt with promptly and efficiently. 
uniformed security

Our services include

  • 24-hour security
  • Licensed, uniformed mobile officers
  • Scheduled locking and unlocking service
  • Well-equipped vehicles
  • Vehicles fit with tracking devices
In addition to the above services, we also offer excellent dog handling services for clients in London, Birmingham and across the North West. Get in touch with us now.
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