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Professional Manned Guarding Services in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and throughout the North West

MAK Security offers manned guarding and vacant property guarding services for clients across the North West.
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Reliable manned guarding 

Damage due to burglary or vandalism can cause a great financial and emotional impact. We understand it is of great concern to us all; which is why our security officers at MAK Security provide a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism. Even if your property is guarded by CCTV, it is always beneficial to have a physical presence to act quickly and appropriately to ensure any threatening or potentially dangerous situation is handled effectively. Based in Manchester, we offer security services to clients across the UK including London, Birmingham and the North West.
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Our manned guarding services include

  • Commercial guarding
  • Construction guarding
  • Retail guarding
  • Site evictions
  • Car park management
  • Bank security services
  • Event security
  • Concierge security
  • Trespass management

Vacant property guarding 

When your property is vacant, it’s open for vandals, criminals, trespassers and various unauthorised visitors. This might result in costly repairs, frustration and you may also end up with legal issues. MAK Security has a range of clients that use our manned guarding services and periodic Void Property Inspections (VPI) to combat any issue that arises from a vacant property. Get in touch with us now.
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